Jonathan Cordero
Vocals / Keys
Zan Llaneza
Guitar / Vocals
David (Hollywood) Gillaspie
Bass / Vocals
Rob Trainor
Drums / Percussion
Owen Aschoff
BADMAN can be best described in three words, "Rock, Reggae and Dance". The band’s eclectic mix of roots drum and bass, hard driving vocal melodies, and smooth guitar tone gives the band an edge on today’s versatile music scene. Originating in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, BADMAN quickly rose to the top of the local music scene becoming the "island’s mightiest band". Sharing the stage with such notable reggae artists as Steel Pulse and Third World and achieving daily rotation on “104.3 The Buzz” has shown not only that they are talented musicians, but are also dedicated professionals. BADMAN has proven their quality and are easily on the fast track to becoming one of the decade’s most original bands.


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What the PRESS says about B A D M A N :

JJ Rocks article # 269: From St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands: Badman

There is a very cool sonic breeze radiating from across the Caribbean from our neighbors to the north in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It's coming from one of the best bands here in paradise called Badman! I have been anxiously waiting to get to their page on The Spotlight Zone so I can write about these guys. And knowing the mix of audiences that we have down here, I feel that Badman captures the best of both worlds within our local island crowds and culture.

Constantly shifting from a powerful rock/alternative drive to silky smooth Reggae grooves seems to be their signature sound. And the people love it! Technically speaking, tightness and professionalism are understatements. And with lead vocals that rival the hottest singers on the charts, Badman could make it to the top. All they need are the right connections.

What I like the most is their diversity within their arrangements. Since they don't seem to need fancy guitar solos, they balance it all out with a lot of adventurism and creative interludes inside of each of their songs. It's almost like an artist that does not overuse his choice of the colors on his palate, but instead chooses exactly what he needs to express himself. Now put that into music and you have Badman. They make the human connection without the frills and get right to the point. Oh yeah, and besides all that, they really kick ass! - JJ Rocks
JJ Rocks,

As owners of a lively live music venue since 1998, BADMAN, has played to a full house with an almost cult-like following of fans on our stage ever since their inception. The exuberant talent of this band's members, the explosive energy of their stage presence and sound and their innate ability to capture every age group and gender's undivided attention, makes BADMAN a forceful dynamic. BADMAN is on a fast train to success and we want a front row seat !
Frank & Terrie Pantusco, Caribbean Saloon

BADMAN CD Release Party at Caribbean Saloon!
At a typical rock concert you normally would not be able to meet the band members. At a local show, you can become friends with them! This is just one of many reasons to come out and show your support for Badman this Saturday. It's their CD release party! Come out to the Caribbean Saloon on the East End of St. Thomas. Web will be the emcee and there will be plenty of Stoli drink specials all night long. Dress like your favorite Pulp Fiction character and you could win one of many prizes or even the grand prize, $104.30, courtesy of 104.3 The Buzz. Come on St. Thomas, we know you love a good costume party! Show starts at 10:30. Come out and see one of the most rockin' bands on the rock!

BUZZROCKS.COM 104.3 THE BUZZ - 03-19-10
BADMAN! SALOON! SATURDAYNIGHT! These guys always bring a big crowd and party atmosphere so get on over to the Caribbean Saloon Saturday night
ST. THOMAS BLOG - 08-10-10

The island's mightiest band is back to The Caribbean Saloon and not even Skynet will be able to contain them!

BUZZROCKS.COM 104.3 THE BUZZ - 05-25-10

BADMAN CD Release Party Tomorrow Night!
Head over to the Caribbean Saloon tomorrow night to check out the Badman CD release party. This is gonna be a great time.They're also having a costume party with cash prizes for the best Pulp Fiction character.Come out and support a local St. Thomas band!Badman is not one of our awesome advertiser

BADMAN July 10th – Taxi Driver Head over to Caribbean Saloon Saturday July 10th for the Taxi Driver Badman show. These guys always bring a big crowd so it will be a great time!

ST. THOMAS BLOG - 07-05-10
If you got nothing to do this Saturday you may want to head over to the Caribbean Saloon for the debut performance from the NEW band Badman. There style is a soulful blend of Rock, Reggae & House, it has to be heard to be truly appreciated. Check out the "Mightiest Band in the VI… EVER". 10:30 PM April 18th, Free Admission and some kind of non-Heineken drink special.

It's Not A Dream! Badman is back, reloaded so to speak. This Saturday night your favorite local band has reunited for a gig at the Caribbean Saloon. Get there early cause this shows gonna be packed! Dress up like your favorite Matrix character for a chance to win a great prize. If you've been jonesin' for some Badman this might be your only chance to see them again for a while.
ST. THOMAS BLOG - 05-09-10

"This Saturday night the 29th at the Caribbean Saloon they’re throwing a ghoulish ”Return of The Living Dead” Halloween party featuring the best band from St. Thomas ever….Badman.Last years party produced some of the best Halloween costumes ever. And thanks for Badman for coming back, those guys have actually been touring around real America for the last couple of months making a name for themselves"
ST. THOMAS BLOG - 10-27-11